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    SUP2 Type 2 3P 1000V 40KA DC SPD Surge Protection Device
    Introduction of 3P 1000V 40KA DC SPD

    SUP2 3P 1000V 40KA DC SPD, Prevent from lighting arrester in solar system:
    ● Every pole achieve 1000V
    ● Adopt import high quality chip. Material Zinc oxide
    ● Easy to change with plug-in module
    ● Every pole achieve 1500V, 1200V, 1000V, 500V
    ● PPT cover with Anti flame material
    ● Meet National Standard Test & TUV test

    SUP2-PV series surge protector SUP2-PV
    Pole 3P
    Electrical Parameter
    Uoc max (V DC) 900
    Uc (V DC) 1000
    ln(8/20)us(kA) 20
    lmax(8/20)us(kA) 40
    Up (kV) 3.8

    Feature and application
    The 3P 1000V DC SPD in solar energy system. It can installed in combiner box to protect solar system.



    Company Show

    International Exhibition

    Shipping and serving

    Q:How's the warranty of SPD?
    A:18 month.
    Q: What's your shipment method?
    A: We ship by Express, by air, by sea, by train.
    Q: If i want to release order, what's the payment method you accept ?
    A: We accept T/T, Paypal, Western union, L/C,Trade Assurance.
    Q: How is the package?
    A: 1 SPD packaged in 1 middle box. 1 carton with 40PCS 3P 500V DC SPD. lightning arrester manufacturers

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