Chenille Letters

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    *Product name: Chenille Varsity Letters
    *Size: 12 inches width for this Varsity letters
    *Double felt or single felt: Double felts
    *Chenille color: Red chenille
    *Felt color: Black and white
    *Embroidered patch color number: 2 standard colors
    *Border: Black heat cut border
    *Backing: Plain backing
    *Other chenille patch names: chenille sports letters; chenille states letters; chenille names; chenille academic letters; chenille mascot letters; chenille jacket letters; letterman chenille letters.
    *Our Advantages:
    1, There is No MOQ for all chenille letters.
    2, There is no sample fee or set up fee for varsity letters.
    3, Free pre-production sample for iron on chenille school letters.
    *Product Usage: Our chenille letters are proudly worn by military, fire departments, security companies, sports teams, schools, clubs, motorcycle-biker clubs, bands, summer camps and other custom made garments.
    Q. Can you make a same chenille letter which I bought from other companies in the past?
    A. Yes, we can make the same chenille letter based on the sample photo. If the varsity patch is very important and quantity is big, then please send us the physical sample to us via DHL/UPS/FEDEX, so we can guarantee the quality.
    Q. How do I pay my chenille letter orders to you?
    A. We accept bank transfer, Paypal and Western Union.
    Q. Will I see my chenille letter sample picture before arranging the bulk production?
    A. Yes, we will send the sample pictures via emails.
    Q. When will I be charged for the chenille letter order?
    A. Once you send us the approval to proceed, we will charge you the cost and arrange the orders. If you have many orders per month, then we can charge just once in a month to save your handling fee.Chenille Letters

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